Clients Testimonials

We establish long-term relationships of trust with our customers in many industrial sectors, as shown by the following references

Construction Industry   –   Automotive/Special Vehicles/Freight   –   Machines/Energy/Products for the Industry   –   Elektronics/Elektric/Automatism/IT   –  Food Industry   –   Household Goods  –  Chemicals/Cosmetics/Medical

We would be happy to provide you on request a list of companies we have been working with in your sector.

Construction Industry

Automotive, Special Vehicles, Freight

Eleectric, Electronics, Energy, Automatism

Machines, Industrial Goods, Products for the Industry

Household Goods

Chemicals, Pharma, Medical

Food Industry, Agro

Here are a few testimonials from businesses for which our recruitment consulting in France found just the right staff for their Human Resources in France:

« The recruitment of GBO Human Resources met undoubtedly our expectations. All of the presented candidates were carefully selected and we were absolutely satisfied with the scheduling and the process. Especially the good understanding of GBO Human Resources should be assessed as positive. Therefore we recommend this recruitment firm with pleasure. »

Sontex SA

“The recruiting carried out by GBO Human Resources completely corresponded to our expectations. The presented candidates fulfilled our required technical and personal competences and corresponded in general well with our requested profile. We will be pleased to recommend GBO Human Resources.”
Peri GmbH (formwork and scaffolding systems)

“GBO Human Resources convinced us because of the good understanding of our needs, the presented candidates and the accurate time keeping. Especially the confidential reports which were made for each candidate have been very positive.”
Karl Dungs GmbH & Co. KG (gas safety and control technology)

“We liked the cooperation with GBO Human Resources a lot. We would rate the understanding of the position, the quality of the confidential reports, the fit of the candidates with the required competencies and the organization of the interviews as the most positive aspects. We would like to thank the team that was throughout our search extremely helpful.”
ALTRO LIMITED (florring and walling systems)

“The service of GBO Human Resources was more than satisfying. What we liked most was their excellent understanding of the position and the accordance of the candidates with the required profile.”
Franz Kaldewei (building industry)

“The recruiting by GBO Human Resources fulfilled absolutely our requirements. Especially the short list of the candidates and the interviews organized by GBO satisfied us a lot. GBO accomplished our request more than satisfactorily and that’s why we recommend them.”
BGS Beta-Gamma-Service (pharmaceutical equipments)

“The recruiting carried out by GBO Human Resources completely corresponded to our needs and expectations. The candidates’ technical competencies and personality matched the demanded profile perfectly. In addition, the interview organization was very positive despite rather complicated conditions.”
E/D/E  (industrial goods distribution)

“The most positive points for us were the perfect understanding of our request, the quality of the confidential reports, the excellent candidates’ selection as well as the speed of the search. We will be pleased to recommend GBO Human Resources.”
HÖRMANN (garage & entrance doors)


“The search project was very well handled. We appreciated particularly the good understanding of the position, the fit of the candidates with the required competences and the good organization of the interviews. Furthermore, GBO Human Resources supported us for implementing an employment contract in accordance with the French law.”
BMZ (batteries)

“Within our different executive searches in France, we were very satisfied with the performance of GBO Human Resources, as our requirements were well-understood and the presented candidates corresponded perfectly to our expectations. Also remarkable was the quality of the confidential reports as well as the candidates’ conformity with the requested profiles.”
HaWi (energy)

“Our request was understood perfectly and the intended timeframe was followed at best. The organization of the interviews and the candidates’ correspondence with the requested profile was impressive. Also remarkable was the knowledge of GBO Human Resources about the cultural differences in Germany and France concerning work life.”
AGROLAB (environment)


“We have been very satisfied with the executive search of GBO Human Resources and will be pleased to recommend this company. The most positive points for us were the good comprehension of the position, the quality of the confidential reports and the organization of the presentations as well as the conformity of the candidates’ professional and personal competences with the requested profile.”
ERSA GmbH (electronics)

“The project was very efficiently handled and delivered very well. The understanding of the position, the fit of the candidates with the required technical competences and the fastness of the search met perfectly our expectations.”
United Airlines (airline)

“Their flexibility and speed was really remarkable. They replied to our needs concretely and we built up a prosperous partnership. In the future we will surely come back to GBO Human Resources when seeking new staff in the Franco German context.”
ALNO (household equipments)

“The introduced candidates fit perfectly with the offered position. All in all, the entire search was thoroughly well organized. We have already recommended GBO Human Resources to several of our subsidiaries.”
ITT (industrial equipments)

“Especially positive was the fast response to our request. We would recommend this company any time.”
RITTAL (electrical equipments)

“We are extremely satisfied with the performance of GBO Human Resources. Of course we will recommend them at any time.”
WEISS Technik (climate & ventilation sytems)

“They presented us candidates with an adequate profile to fill our vacancy. We were also very thankful for the help of their partners, for example, the legal advice. Throughout our collaboration, GBO Human Resources showed its expert knowledge of the German mentality and German requirements.”

“An excellent preselection of candidates whom always fit the position was made. All in all, the collaboration met our expectations and we will always recommend GBO Human Resources.”
MAN Camions & Bus S.A. (trucks)

“We were completely satisfied with the quality of the candidates we interviewed for our French subsidiary.”
HURCO (machine tools)

“The quality of candidates suggested by GBO Human Resources fit our requirements entirely.”
ILLIG (plastic industries: automotive, food)

“GBO Human Resources was brilliant at analysing the profile of the person needed to fill our vacancy with a qualified employee and, frankly, everything went perfectly. The placement didn’t have a weak point. Whenever possible we recommend GBO Human Resources to other companies.”
ITT (electronics)

“Our cooperation with GBO Human Resources was characterized by a professional and fast handling of our issue. We will gladly recommend GBO Human Resources at any time.”
KONRAD HORNSCHUCH (household goods)


“The services provided by GBO Human Resources were totally in keeping with our needs.”
MAHR (measuring equipments)

“GBO Human Resources possesses expertise at finding and testing employees ideally suited to Franco-German companies. One of their strongest points is their ability to create a close working relationship with their clients.”
KSB s.a. (pumps)

“GBO Human Resources has a thorough understanding of the German mentality and operation methods and a specific knowledge in the branch of electronics. We were pleased that GBO Human Resources kept well within deadlines and in close contact with us throughout the search.”
PULS Power Supplies (electronics)

“While searching for a new employee for our French subsidiary, we were particularly impressed by GBO Human Resources’ rapidity in putting us in direct contact with worthwhile candidates, their professional way of doing business, and their knowledge of our field.”
ACTEBIS (computers)

“They made a quick, professional search, and kept well within the deadline we set.”
AEROCOM GmbH & Co (logistics)

“Overall, the performance of GBO Human Resources kept up with our expectations.”

“Throughout the search for staff, GBO Human Resources showed a good knowledge of our firm. GBO Human Resources is characterized by clarity, speed and reliability.”
GEUTEBRÜCK (security systems)

« We were completely satisfied with our cooperation with GBO Human Resources. Both the presented candidates and the time frame of the search matched our expectations. The search was perfectly accomplished.”
TITECH (environment)

“During this search, GBO Human Resources proved a very professional working method as well as a good organization. Due to a perfect comprehension of the position and an excellent selection of the candidates, the search was handled successfully.”
DELO INDUSTRIE (glue for the industry)

“We were very pleased with your professional work, starting to create the job profile to the selection of candidates. If necessary, we are therefore very pleased to rely on your agency again.”
PREHKEYTEC (man-machine interface)