An assessment is an in-depth evaluation of a candidate’s skills and potential. It is based on the observation of behaviors through various exercises, tests and simulations.


When to use an assessment?

An assessment can be used in different situations:

  • In anticipation of a job offer:

    For example, when two candidates are selected for a position and a final choice has to be made;


  • For internal development purposes:

    To verify that the employee’s skills and abilities are in line with a new position, and to develop their skills accordingly, if necessary.


  • To evaluate the potential of a candidate

    as part of the company’s « talent management ».


What is the assessment process like?

An assessment consists of 4 successive steps:

Definition of the objectives and context of the assessment together with the client. Building a portfolio of personal and professional skills to be investigated in the candidate. This step is crucial and requires strong investment from the client.

– The assessment center itself: it can be complete (one day) or « light » (half a day); depending on the client’s request, it includes some or all of the following elements: mail sorting followed by the preparation and presentation of an action plan; preparation and implementation of a role-playing game; self-assessment; debriefing of the test.

– The drafting of a written report: it is composed of a general matrix representing the candidate’s profile with the evaluation of each investigated skill; a summary of the candidate’s strengths and points of improvement, followed by recommendations; a detailed focus on each essential skill sought in the candidate; the areas of development areas to be prioritized for the candidate in relation to the position.

Feedback to the client and the candidate


An assessment aimed at developing an employee’s skills can be followed by a development plan, if the recommendations made conclude that this step is necessary.

The assessment within the framework of the finalization of a recruitment, can be followed by a coaching, with the aim of accompanying the new employee in their new position.


What does an assessment provide?

– A complete and precise mapping of the candidate’s skills and potential

– A reliable evaluation, based on concrete observations, through simulations

– An assessment that is totally in line with your challenges

– Conclusions that allow you to build development paths for the candidate