Headhunting in France : Our processes

Our precise and step-by-step recruitment process ensures an optimal selection of candidates and a « deutsche Qualität »!

Our vocation is to help you in the realization of your projects with the candidates that meet your ambitions and correspond to your corporate culture. By entrusting your recruitment to specialists, you can devote more time to the management of your company.


Headhunting is a method that can be used to directly contact potential candidates. This procedure is efficient and necessary in some cases, for example when candidates are searched in a specific industry with special skills, but also if the search is highly confidential.

We use the method of head-hunting not only for high-level positions, but also for jobs that require a high degree of expertise.
For companies who want to further expand in France, headhunting is often the appropriate method to find the most relevant profiles.


First, we begin to identify potential companies as a target group. These are companies that operate in the same industry as our clients and could therefore be their direct competitors. We create this list of target companies by using different methods: Information provided by our clients, knowledge of the industry by our Headhunters, directories…etc.
This list of target companies is then reviewed and validated together with the client in order to ensure that no candidates from partner companies or clients are targeted.

In a further step, our headhunters are going to identify suitable candidates by using various techniques, which are based on the know-how of our company.

Next follows the contact with the potential candidates. This is a very delicate phase that requires solid communication skills in order to convince a candidate who may not be actively looking for a new job. Again, the expertise of our headhunters is essential because the very first interview is of great importance. During this first phone conversation, important key-words are mentioned to awake and to strengthen the interest of the candidate.

If these phases are successfully passed, personal interviews with candidates are organized. Those allow us to assess both the skills and the personality of the candidate in relation to the job.


From the second week, the first candidates will be contacted. Usually, the whole process, up to the creation of a « shortlist », takes 4 to 6 weeks.
Our work is characterized by a high degree of transparency. We provide upon request the details of all contacted candidates.
Thanks to its long experience, our headhunter team in France masters this recruiting process perfectly. Accordingly, we are able to provide our clients with the candidates who are most suitable for each vacant position.

Areas of focus:

Industrial capital goods






Household equipment


Medical devices

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