Interim Management

An Interim Manager is hired for a limited period of time to immediately address exceptional circumstances. Read on to learn more.

What do we mean by « Interim Management »?


In the event of vacancies or crises that challenge your HR in France, an Interim Manager takes charge of the management of your entire company or of a Business Unit/Department. This temporary manager will hold a managing position for a limited time in order to support your activity during this exceptional situation.


In what circumstances is Interim Management useful?


Our headhunters in France distinguish between two situations:

– The temporary installation of an interim manager to fill an expected vacancy in the management. GBO’s expert team of headhunters in France are able, within a short period of time (1 or 2 weeks) to provide you with a general manager or a Financial/HR/Commercial/Technical -Manager to take up a managing position for a limited period of time (normally from a few months to one year). They will be in charge of supporting your business in France through this vacancy. This will give you the required space to find the optimal long term solution for the needs of your HR in France. This Interim Manager is usually hired in your company on the basis of a fixed-term contract. Further flexible arrangements are also possible.

 Transitions management/Crisis management: in order to solve complex business issues that are beyond the scope of your current HR in France: lack of profitability, merger, acquisition, restructuring. We will offer you, in combination with our partners, a packaged solution, by which we guarantee results within a predetermined period (usually 1 to 3 years). We provide you with a transitions manager, who will be overseen by a coach. At the beginning of the project, GBO works with you to define a complete action plan with milestones and objectives. Regular reporting enables a close follow-up of these objectives, and corrective actions are implemented to keep the plan on track towards your goals.